fACULTY & sTAFF 2018-2019


Dr. Russell Brock Principal [email protected] web page

Britt Beaver Assistant Principal [email protected] web page

Mel Jackson School Counselor [email protected] web page

Cynthia Sumner Instructional Coach [email protected]

Verna Green School Book Keeper [email protected]

Dianne Williams School Secretary [email protected]

Cole Sumner
School SRO [email protected]

6 Grade

Gena Grier Math [email protected] web page

Cassi Villers Language Arts [email protected]

Syreeta Moore Social Studies [email protected]

Brequela Yarbrough Science [email protected]

Jean Pettway Reading [email protected]

Megan Chaffin Inclusion Teacher [email protected]

Denny Pettway Inclusion Teacher [email protected]

7 Grade

Alicia Parker Science [email protected] web page

Penni Paradise Language Arts [email protected]

Tameka Redd Social Studies [email protected]

Morgen Gay Reading [email protected]

Heather Hulett Math [email protected]

Joe Smith Math/ Inclusion [email protected]

Holly Painter Inclusion Teacher [email protected]

Janet McClendon Inclusion Teacher [email protected]

8 Grade

Jimmie Gilbert Math [email protected] web page

Orus Lambert Social Studies [email protected]

Isaac Givens Physical Science [email protected] web page

Jennifer McDaniel Reading [email protected] web page

Teresa Chester Language Arts [email protected]

Thomas Potter Inclusion Teacher [email protected] web page

All Grades

Tanya Morgan Business Technology [email protected] web page

Tim Dobbs Band [email protected] web page

Aimee Mumford Art [email protected] web page

Stacy Webb Physical Education/ Athletic Director [email protected] web page

Antonio Duran Spanish [email protected] web page

Neely Hudson School Librarian [email protected] web page

Laverne Stephens Library Clerk [email protected] web page

Rick Roberts Math Remediation [email protected] web page

Tami White Reading Remediation/ Read 180 [email protected] web page

Tara Thompson ESOL [email protected]

Julie Benkoski MID/ ESEP Lead Teacher [email protected]

Regina Price MID/ ESEP Teacher [email protected]

Philip Johnson MID/ ESEP Teacher [email protected]

Debbie Downs MID/ ESEP Teacher [email protected]

Jessica Tabares MID/ ESEP Teacher [email protected]

Marilyn Champion
ISS [email protected]

Jennifer Newkirk GCSS Social Worker [email protected]

Custodial Staff
Nutritional Staff

Eddie Lunceford- Team Leader
Chris Hallman- Team Manager

Patricia Chaney
Reba Thomas

Randy Bowman
Preschyus Alexander

Vitoria Borges
Jessie Nesbitt

School Webmaster: Ms. Neely Hudson

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